江田雀,1981年出生於香港,平面設計師,2011年開始獨立發展,一人設計公司「田雀工房」專注於文化藝術方面的設計。為《香港獨立電影節》設計的主視覺入選台灣《貳零壹肆-傑出華文漢字設計作品展》,於台北及新加坡展出;其個人設計展《獨行的鳥》2015至16年於高雄、台中、台北巡迴展出;2016年亦首次以藝術家身份參加由「銀青乒乓」策劃的展覽《落牙》,於土瓜灣牛棚藝術村 1a Space舉行。
Peter Kong was born in Hong Kong in 1981, he was not academically trained in arts or design. He was an air-conditioning technician, a factory labour, warehouse assistant and became a graphic designer seven years ago. He focused on design of art and culture. The main perspective poster he designed for the Hong Kong Independent Film Festival was selected in Taiwan’s ‘2014 Outstanding Chinese Character Design Works Invitation Exhibition’. His exhibition ‘The Walking Bird’ waw toured in Taiwan in 2015-2016.

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